Strategies for turning Challengers into Champions

Strategies for overcoming this resistance depend on knowing as much as you can about the attitudes, interests, and needs of your stakeholders. Sometimes, simply opening a dialogue about the issues with the folks who are pushing back is enough. Sometimes, the resistance is because they can’t get anyone to listen or because they don’t have enough information about the change. Other times, resisters have legitimate issues that need to be addressed.

Choosing an appropriate strategy will depend on the how much you know about the change, its impacts, and your stakeholders and what motivates them.

During this session, we will explore techniques to:

  • Recognize the signs of change resistance and understand why people resist change
  • Assess the attitudes and interests of stakeholders to a change initiative
  • Explore strategies to turn challengers into champions of the change

Workshop for International Institute of Business Analysts (IIBA), Philadelphia Chapter

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