Helping Nonprofit and Association Leaders Build Capacity Using Project Management Concepts and Tools

Are you a new project manager or someone who “fell into” a project manager role at a nonprofit or an association?  

How many of these are true for you?

  • You’ve been asked to lead a project, but you REALLY would rather focus on your mission-related work, not on project management. Somehow you need to find a way to do both.
  • You need to plan a project but
    • you aren't sure what the right steps are to deliver the results, or
    • you aren’t sure where to start.
  • You planned your project, but the actual work didn’t go according to your plan (e.g., took too long, went over budget, sponsor wasn’t happy, things were left out, the rules or requirements kept changing, you found it difficult to keep up with changes, and more…)
  • The project got off to an awkward start or didn’t get started at all because of an issue that no one knew how to resolve.
  • You were writing your end-of-year grant report and learned that the project never got started, never got finished, or the money was not spent on the things you said you would do in the grant application.
  • You had to give grant money back because the project was no one’s priority and it was never finished.

If you need a better way to get your project started and help it stay on track so you can deliver the results for your mission, please keep reading.


Would you like to have some or all of these?

  • You want to spend more time delivering your organization’s mission and less time dealing with project management
  • You’d like the project planning process to be easier.
  • You want the planning process to take less of your time and energy.
  • You’d like a checklist of steps and templates you can pull out, again and again, to help you plan your next projects.
  • You need ideas on how to get your project started and how to keep it on track. 
  • You want it to be easier to write grant progress reports.

These were some things that my clients have told me they want as a result of better project management.

I’m Linda Howard, a certified Project Manager and owner of Howard Consulting, LLC. I’ve worked with folks who never expected to be, or wanted to be, project managers. Yet, this is the role they found themselves playing.  In fact, it’s how I became a project manager – by falling into it quite by accident! Yet, I have learned to manage many projects and have worked with many organizations to improve their project management skills and processes.

Ready to take some action?

If you're open to a conversation about how you could improve your situation, let's schedule a time to talk!

“Accidental” Project Manager Training (NEW)

Managing projects can be challenging! If you feel you’ve been doing the best you can but need a little more guidance and training to do more of your good work better, the " Accidental " Project Manager Series may be right for you.  This is a two-part interactive workshop: Part 1: Getting Started will cover the overall process for managing projects and Part 2: What’s in YOUR Project? will cover planning and scoping a project. You'll bring your own project, one you probably need to work on anyway.  Using tools and templates we cover in the workshop, plus ideas from other participants, you’ll be able to make forward progress on planning your own project. 

Button - Learn More About Workshop

More public workshops will be offered in late 2018. Or if you would like to conduct one of these workshops at your organization, please contact me to discuss options!

Assessment and Action Plan

If you want an objective assessment of how your organization can improve its project management processes, consider our Project Management Assessment and Action Plan (PMAAP).  More details coming soon….

Consulting and Facilitation Services

If you need specific help with strategic planning, business planning, or other implementation activities -- 

  Let’s talk!!


Services list

  • Upcoming Workshops
  • Other Workshop Topics
    • Improving Team Collaboration and Cohesion
    • Stakeholder Management: The Glue that Holds a Project Together
    • Supervisory Skills 101
  • Group Facilitation
  • Consulting
    • Project management
    • Process improvement
    • Change management
    • Strategic planning
    • Business model development

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