Howard Consulting offers a variety of services and programs designed to help you strengthen your organization and build capacity to do more. This page describes our project management, facilitation, and consulting services.

Project Management

Our seminars and workshops are designed to help organizations build stronger businesses by improving project performance. Our approach focuses first on helping participants understand how project management connects to organization performance and mission. Then, we turn our attention to improving the knowledge and skills of individual project managers.

In organizations that run projects, improving one project can have a significantly higher impact when cascaded across all projects.  For example, take a project where you were able to save 5% of your time planning a project because you had checklists and templates that you could customize to the new project. If you could find the same 5% improvement on several other projects, you would have more time to focus on other mission-critical activities.

That’s what we’re aiming for in any project management improvement initiative – measurable performance improvement that can be repeated again and again across the entire portfolio of projects.

Project management skills development is where it begins.

We offer Training Seminars, a Group Program and Coaching to introduce and reinforce project management skills and address project challenges. We specialize in working with those who “fell into” their project management roles – the “accidental” project manager – those who never planned to become a project manager but were given the “opportunity” to lead a program or initiative and are simply doing the best they can.

Training Seminars

Our Training Seminars focus on teaching you the project management skills needed to enable you to improve the plans and results of your projects. Programs are available to help make your project planning process easier so you are better prepared to deliver the results desired.

Group Action Plan Program (GAPP)

Our virtual Group Action Plan Program (GAPP) is for organizations that have elected project management training with us and who want to reinforce the training, make real behavior change, and see improved project results.

Pinpoint Project Management Coaching

Pinpoint Project Management Coaching is offered as a package of three one-on-one sessions, conducted by phone or video conference, and focused on topics selected by you.

Our trained facilitators guide meetings or events, such as strategic planning sessions or staff retreats, so that you can fully engage and focus on the conversations with your teams. Having a professional facilitator can help you reach better decisions, faster, and with greater commitment from participants.

Every facilitated session has a specific purpose or result to be achieved. To achieve the result, participants work through a series of predefined steps. The role of the facilitator is to guide participants through the steps so that the final results are created, understood, and accepted by participants. Our facilitators are highly experienced and can help you achieve desired outcomes from challenging meetings.

Our consulting services are tailored to meet your specific needs. Whether you have organization development challenges, fundraising challenges, project management challenges, or other strategic or operational issues, we will work with you to determine an approach to help you address those issues.

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