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Who We Work With

Howard Consulting works primarily with nonprofit organizations and associations that want to make a bigger difference in the world – to improve the lives of people – to solve society’s complex problems.

Yet, as a nonprofit leader, you’re realizing that your organization needs to be stronger and more efficient. And 2020 has probably thrown you a curveball that requires you to think differently. You used to reach people who need you in person – in offices, at events, seminars, clinics, and workshops – places where humans congregate.

Now, at least for awhile longer, we have to be more intentional about where we meet people. We make appointments for a phone call. We schedule meetings by video conference. We even see our doctors on a computer.

Can you wait it out? Wait until it’s safe to be with people in person again?

Or is it time to put a stake in the ground and figure out how to hold productive meetings and events online?

If you are tired of trying to figure out how to figure it all out, we can help. 

How We Work

Organizations are likely to be successful working with us if they:


Are open to new views and perspectives.

Tired of doing the same things getting the same results?


Are ready to take action and make decisions.

Ready to do something different and get different and better results?


Bring a looking-forward attitude to our work together.

History is not necessarily a predictor of an organization’s future success.


Are able to be flexible and collaborative.

Let’s partner and figure out the best path forward for your organization.

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