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How many of these do you experience on a regular basis?

  • You work with someone who you just don’t “get” or who just doesn’t “get” YOU?
  • Someone needs to talk with “Bob” to resolve a problem, but each time you have to talk to him, he questions your rationale, talks over you, or just wants the two-minute version.  Soon you end up shutting down. You tend to avoid talking to “Bob”, even though you know the problem is not getting solved. It may even be getting worse!
  • It is time get started on a project, but your teammates are taking WAY too long to plan and analyze every little detail!
  • You’ve delegated an important, very detailed analysis task to the person on your team who was most available. Yet he seems to be avoiding it and finding every excuse to do something other than the task you’ve assigned him.
  • In your mind, it is a sign of respect that when team members arrive in the morning, they say “Good Morning” or at least “hello”. Yet a newer team member simply walks through the door and gets right to work. She never acknowledging others. Doesn’t she understand that it is simply good manners to say hello in the morning?


Each day, most of us wake up in the morning and we interact with other humans – in our homes and in our work. We have our own personalities, preferences, and styles.

  • Some of us like to have as much information as possible before making a decision, while others prefer to go with their gut instinct.
  • Many of us are energized by socializing with people, while others recharge their energy by relaxing alone with a good book and no distractions.

Our individual differences, preferences and styles influence who we collaborate easily with and who we tend to have more difficulty with. Sometimes, these differences can get in the way of achieving results. 

But the beauty of our preferences and styles is that they are only that…preferences and styles.

Teambuilding Workshop

Our Teambuilding Workshop uses the Everything DiSC Workplace® Profile to help teams improve their communications, cooperation, and effectiveness.

First, we help each person better understand and be more aware of their own communication style, including the hidden priorities and triggers that influence their own behavior. This helps individuals understand, appreciate, and work more effectively with people who have styles different than their own.

Then, we shift the focus to understanding our co-workers at that deeper level and using that knowledge to connect with them more effectively.

Learn more about the Everything DiSC Workplace® Profile.

Watch this short video for a quick introduction to Everything DiSC Workplace®.

Expected Outcomes from the Teambuilding Workshop

  • Improve communication and leadership effectiveness
  • Understand the four main communication work-styles
  • Learn how different styles respond to conflict and stress
  • Explore what motivates each style and how they solve problems
  • Learn how to manage difficult personalities
  • Enhance team performance
  • Build bridges between people
  • Practice giving feedback to people in a style they can understand and accept
  • Gain a deeper understanding of your own DiSC® personality style
  • Build more effective relationships using the insights you gain from DiSC

What happens in the workshop?

Our DiSC training workshops are targeted for newly formed teams, management training, team development, and leadership training.

Prior to the session, participants will be invited to complete the Everything DiSC Workplace assessment which will precisely identify their DiSC style. They then receive a 20-page description of their personal behavioral style and insightful handouts for use during the workshop.

The assessment provides a road map to effective interpersonal communications and teamwork. It has proven its effectiveness in 30 years of use by more than 40 million people in 84 countries.

Participants are frequently surprised at how well the description fits them.  One participant said, “It’s like they were inside my head, listening to my thoughts!”

During the DISC Teambuilding Workshop, participants will learn more about their own styles. They will recognize and explore ways they prefer to act, relate, work, socialize, and deal with change. We also explore the ways each person prefers to be approached, consulted, and involved in group processes.

Participants will then learn how to recognize other people’s styles, strengths and limitations, and how to work more effectively with them.

By the end of the workshop, participants will have a clearer understanding of how they can

  • reduce conflict and miscommunication
  • build rapport and cooperation
  • work as a team more efficiently
  • cope with change more positively, and
  • benefit from working with people they used to avoid.


Teams of any sort, including nonprofit and association leaders, sales representatives, customer service representatives, board leaders, managers and individual contributors will benefit from this Workshop. Leaders who want to motivate their people to be more effective will also benefit from it.

This workshop is a practical approach to improving workplace communication, developing stronger relationships and creating a healthier organization.

We conduct our workshops virtually over Zoom or in-person at your organization, a nearby hotel, or other offsite location.

Teams of 8 or more individuals gain the most benefit from the 6-hour format (either in-person or virtual). Shorter duration programs are also available. For example, a basic DiSC Fundamentals overview can be conducted in a two-hour session. Most teams select the 4.5 hour half-day version which includes the basic DiSC Fundamentals program and the Improving Workplace Relationships program, with the most value coming from the latter option.

We can also offer shorter workshops for smaller teams (up to 7 participants) or individuals, if we have at least 4 participants. Occasionally, we offer public virtual workshops where participants can learn and collaborate alongside teams and individuals from other organizations.

These programs can be delivered as stand-alone workshops or integrated into a longer program (as part of a leadership training or annual staff retreat, for example).

Be sure you are on our mailing list to receive an invitation to upcoming workshops, including our public DiSC Training workshops.

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