My name is Linda Howard and I work with nonprofit leaders who say they want to build their organizations’ capacity to get more done so they can make a greater impact in the world.

I run a consulting business based in the Washington D.C. area. I work with my clients to build capacity to get the results they want to achieve by helping them improve their project management processes.

The business of most nonprofits and associations consists of lots of  individual projects. When projects and the folks who are leading them struggle, the entire organization struggles.

Many of the humans who are running those projects didn’t plan to be project managers when they joined the nonprofit. They wanted to make the world a better place!

Most have had very little training or professional development to help them navigate the complexities of figuring out what needs to be done, how long it will take, how much it might cost, how to create a plan for all of it, how to get other people to work together to make it happen, or how to learn from the experience so that the next project they lead will be easier.

Most are simply trying to do the best they can to do good work, check the project management “box”, and get back to their “real” jobs. They just want to do the good work of their nonprofit better.

I refer to these folks as “accidental” project managers and if you’ve read this far, then I suspect you either think of yourself as an “accidental” project manager, or you know someone who could use some help.

How can I help?

As a presenter, I conduct seminars and webinars on how to make project management easier so people will stop avoiding it and so they start taking advantage of ways to make it work for them and their organizations.

As a project management coach/consultant, I help people evaluate their own processes and figure out where the bottlenecks and stumbling blocks are. Then we prioritize the improvements that would make the biggest impact. Finally, we work together to create and implement a plan that would make a measurable difference for the organization.

After more than twenty years and scores of projects, my clients often share they walk away with new ideas and more organized ways to plan and launch a program or an event. They often create action plans to improve their processes so that they experience better outcomes from each of their projects and are able to start their projects faster and keep them on track easier.

Outstanding service is at the heart of everything we do. I believe in working with our clients as a team. Our success begins with the success and satisfaction of our clients.

Our goal is to help you solve your immediate issues and then work collaboratively to help you help yourself in the future.

Each of our consultants personally endorses the Institute of Management Consultants Code of Ethics, guaranteeing the strongest commitment to clients, the public, and the consulting and project management professions.

What else?

On a personal note, I am absolutely in love with Mother Nature! When I’m not in the office or working with a client, you can probably find me hiking off the beaten path, scuba diving in the deep blue seas, or following sunsets and moon rises in the country and farmlands of rural Maryland.

Want to chat further?  Let’s talk!


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