About Linda Howard

Hi there – I’m Linda Howard.

I love partnering with nonprofits who are passionate about doing good for the world!

A Few Tidbits About the Real Me



I love being outdoors!

Exploring a quiet lake via kayak brings me peace … especially when followed by enjoying a sunset with a nice glass of wine.

Linda Howard in red kayak on the river

Give me a good book and I am happy for hours.

As a kid, I was a voracious reader and would often hike to the far edges of our Indiana farm with a good book and read for hours.

When I wasn’t reading, I was playing a 12-string guitar. I love my jumbo Larriveé!

Linda Howard playing a six string guitar

Rural living is my happy place.

After growing up on a farm in southern Indiana, I lived in Toledo, Miami, then Washington DC.

Too much city for this farm girl!

In 2015, I moved to Poolesville, Maryland – an agricultural small-town community an hour outside of DC.

I love that there are NO stoplights!  Traffic jams are sometimes caused by large farm tractors at the main intersection.

I can breathe again!

Linda smiling at a donkey on a farm

I'm an Enneagram 5, The Investigator.

Working with me you can expect that I am always curious, ask a lot of questions, and want to find out why things are they way they are. I use this to help clients find things that are overlooked and to see their teams in a new way.

How did I end up working with teams?

In college, I studied psychology and higher education administration.

In my first career as Assistant Director of Financial Aid, I developed a reputation for being the go-to person when students and parents came in angry and upset about their aid package. My colleagues began noticing that while folks came in fired up and angry, they were much calmer when they left my office.

Why? Because I listened. I connected with them and helped them feel heard. 

Listening and connecting are essential when communicating with people under stress.

Fast-forward another decade, and I had traded university life for information technology consulting. I managed projects for organizations in many industries, including environmental, higher education, telecommunications, oil and gas, and local/state/federal governments.

I regularly brought together strangers, helped them connect and get to know each other, and guided them to collaborate and meet our project objectives. As a result, I developed a knack for helping struggling project teams get back on track. “Got a team who is struggling to work together? Call Linda Howard!”

My reputation grew as someone who successfully turned around teams in trouble.

In 2006, I founded my management consulting business, Howard Consulting LLC.

I joined the Institute of Management Consultants (IMC USA) because IMC USA aligns with my core values: ethical practices, competency, and integrity.

Certified Management Consultant logo
Certified Virtual Facilitator logo from the International Institute for Facilitators

My Business Today

Today, my business helps mid-sized nonprofit organizations experiencing turbulence from significant growth, change, and/or turnover.

They are challenged by systems, communication habits, and culture that are no longer supporting the organization they have become.

I believe seven key elements can help resolve this internal turbulence, build stronger and more cohesive teams, so that they can achieve more significant mission-driven results:

  • Help team members get to know each other and connect. 
  • Connect them to the overall purpose of the new project.
  • Show them how to be vulnerable safely.
  • Demonstrate how to support each other so they can be more effective.
  • Listen to all perspectives.
  • Help them get aligned on the tools and processes they need – not too little, not too much – just enough to make things work.
  • Help them hold themselves and each other accountable.

These fundamental elements help build trust, the foundation for high-performing teams.

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