Are your meetings all business, or do you take some time to improve trust and connection among your team members?

Help your team get to know each other better to build stronger bonds. We’ve all heard of the Know, Like, and Trust  factor for marketing. Essentially, it means people need to get to know you, like you, and trust you before they do business with you.

The same is true for teams. Team members must get to know one another before deciding if they like or trust each other. People don’t always need to like you to trust you. But few people like or trust those they don’t know.

Help your teams get to know one another by including a brief connection activity in each team meeting.  It can be brief. A 5-10 minute activity can strengthen relationships among your team members.

Start with a Check-In Activity

Here are some examples of some simple questions or activities you might include:

  • What one word represents something you are looking forward to in the next 24 hours? Or the next month? Or 3 months?
  • Ask a few ‘Would You Rather questions  (e.g., Would you rather stay in during a snow day or go outside and enjoy the snow?)
  • What is your favorite candy? (Then bring some to future meetings as a surprise treat!)
  • Ask everyone to take out a pad of paper and a pen. Give them 2 minutes to use their pen and paper to represent how they are feeling. Invite anyone who would like to share to explain what they created and why they created it.
    • You can even do this using the Whiteboard in Zoom where almost no one can draw well.
    • There are also smartphone drawing apps, such as Piccles, that let you draw with your finger.

Yes, some of these will take a little more time than others. If you intentionally create opportunities for connection throughout your work week (even as a fun lunchtime activity), your team members will get to know one another better over time. That is the first step toward improving trust and creating a more cohesive team.

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