Happy New Year!

Can you still say that at the end of January? But, of course, you can I just did!

Every year, I choose a theme for the year rather than making New Year’s Resolutions! In fact, over the past few years, I’ve chosen three words, not one, for the theme of my year. Then, on New Year’s Day, I’d kick off the year with a coffee, a mimosa, and a couple of hours of journal writing – reflections on what I wanted to accomplish for the year. 

But no matter which words I chose, I could not sustain the feeling and energy I needed to make them actionable. I would reflect about what I “wanted” to accomplish, but I wasn’t as good at creating a plan that would enable me to accomplish my most important goals.

Sound familiar?

I typically work alone in my home office, with the help of my two furry four-legged interns (you’ve probably met Pippin or Spirit if we’ve talked on Zoom, or maybe you’ve just seen their tails as they walk across my desk). As a result, I often find myself fixated on the next urgent task. I keep thinking that completing urgent tasks will give me the headspace I need to focus on my other important goals.

But it doesn’t work. There are ALWAYS little urgent things that pop up. So, I jot things down on a post-it note next to my keyboard that I’ll do between meetings or when I have a free hour. (Admit it—you have that list too, right? That stack of small to-do items that niggle at you until you finish them?)

I constantly get distracted from the deeper, more strategic work which could help me make a more significant impact.

As I reflected on what I accomplished in 2022 and what I didn’t, two quotes came to mind.


“If you always do what you’ve always done, 

you always get what you’ve always gotten.”

“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”


What will I do differently in 2023?

This year my theme is “ACTION!” 

This year, there is only one word, and it is all about making actionable plans and then following through on the actions.

For 2023, I have a few personal and professional goals. My most important objectives will require deep thinking, planning, and implementation.

I must define strategies, create a plan with actionable steps, and then carve out time to actually complete the steps. 

And to do that, I must do things differently than I’ve been doing (or not doing) before.  I must stop allowing myself to be distracted by email and small to-do items. And I must block out time to focus on important goals and protect that time.

Accountability is Key!

I know I accomplish more when I know I’m accountable to others. So, for example, I fulfill my commitments to my clients. And If I commit to do something while volunteering for another organization, I follow through on that commitment.

But I struggle to follow through on commitments I make to myself and my business. 

So, ACTION is my word and theme for 2023. And I’m finding ways for others to hold me accountable to – myself!

I’m taking the following ACTIONS to get healthier…

  • Eating more green vegetables;
  • Drinking more water every day;
  • Walking or exercising at least 5 days per week;
  • Organizing more walk-and-talk meetings;
  • Attending at least one group exercise class per week at my gym;
  • Using the stand-up feature of my stand-up desk at least twice each day;

I’m taking ACTION to build a new program that I will launch before the end of June 2023…

  • I enrolled in a mastermind program to collaborate with others who share my goals;
  • I plan to use Focusmate, a new virtual coworking service that I recently discovered, to help me stay accountable and make progress;
  • I’ve scheduled virtual coworking sessions with colleagues who are also struggling with getting important tasks completed;

And I just made it all public by writing this blog, which will also be included in this month’s newsletter…for all of you to read.  YIKES!

I got this! 

How are you theming YOUR year?

PS. If you’re curious to follow my progress, you’ll find periodic progress reports and more details in my monthly newsletter.

PPS. If you have important items you’re not finding time for and think a virtual coworking session with me might help, get on my calendar so we can discuss. I used to think they were silly, but they do work, so I’d be happy to do a virtual coworking session with you and we can BOTH work on our most important goals.

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