It’s almost Thanksgiving Day in the United States, and I’m grateful for “thinking.”  

Have you ever felt like you’ve stepped on the hamster wheel of life? Everything is simply coming at you, fast and furious, whether you want it to or not! If you step off, you’ll simply get knocked down. And if you don’t, you’ll just keep on running and running and never have an opportunity to stop to think about how you got on it in the first place!

That was how I had been feeling about my life, for months, until a few weeks ago. 

I heard an episode of a podcast that truly resonated with me when I heard someone say that people don’t take enough time to stop… and think. About their life. About their business. About what is important to them. About their health. About…[insert things that are important to you here].

Instead, we let life lead us down whatever path we’re on, and we don’t take the time to stop and think about whether that is the path we WANT to be on. We don’t take enough time to think about what we want our businesses or our lives to look like, feel like, or be like.



So what did I do?

I took myself to the beach! It was a beautiful, unseasonably warm, late October day. I brought a chair, my journal, and a very large insulated bottle of water.

I watched the tide come in… for hours. Boats drove by. Dolphins played in the surf. A few brave souls played in the waves and puffy clouds moved slowly across the horizon.

I reflected on the past year. I considered what I wanted from my business, how I could help my clients more, how I could carve out time to write and reflect more, and what I wanted from 2024.

Later, I took myself out for a walk through town. As I walked along the boardwalk, the full moon rose up and shimmered over the ocean as the waves continued to pound the sand.

When the moon had risen and the dark had descended, I found a table in a quiet little nook of an outdoor restaurant patio.  I treated myself to a solo dinner with a glass of wine. And I people-watched. I reflected on how I was feeling. 

And I was struck by the fact that I don’t recall ever taking myself out for dinner alone, without a book, my journal, or a newspaper—or something to do. But that night, I did! 


How was it?

I realized that I felt relaxed… and peaceful. Calm and grateful.

So as Thanksgiving approaches and my schedule slows down a bit more, it’s time to give myself grace and take time to think about everything and everyone I’m grateful for.

I hope you can find a little thinking time for yourself and for your own self-reflection over the days and weeks ahead.

Thank YOU for being one of my faithful followers, clients, colleagues, and friends.  

For YOU, I am truly grateful!

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