How often do you allow yourself time to reimagine your future?

I often end each year planning to combine rest and relaxation with catching up on neglected business projects (writing, new workshops, new ideas, etc.). It doesn’t always work out the way I had imagined!

This year, I gave myself permission to truly rest and refresh over the holidays. And, I’ve spent the first weeks of the year refocusing my services and website so they better reflect the clients I work with and the transformations I help them make.

What kind of transformations, you ask?

Most of my recent clients have come to me because they’re feeling strained from significant growth, high turnover, or other major changes.  They explain that the resulting stress and friction are making it hard for their teams to work together effectively, and they’re not having the impact that they want to make on the communities they serve. 

Here are some of the biggest issues they describe: 

  • Staff are missing deadlines and dropping balls.
  • They see friction and flare-ups among team members on a daily basis.
  • Teams are feeling the pressure of significant growth, change, or turnover. 
  • It’s clear that staff are overworkedand overwhelmedand the stress is taking its toll.
  • Low morale and productivity are keeping the team from reaching its goals.

As a result, most are deeply concerned that even more people may leave and they aren’t sure how to stem the tide.

Sound familiar?  It doesn’t have to be this way!

Working together and feeling like a cohesive teameven in a growing and changing nonprofit organizationis totally possible. 

A Future Reimagined and Redesigned

Imagine a future where you have reduced or eliminated most of the pressure and strain.

You hear your team members saying that they finally feel like they can breathe again. They’re offering to help and support each other.  People are smiling more and feel calmer. The air in the room even feels lighter.

In your reimagined future:

  • Projects and tasks run smoothly and efficiently.
  • Team members work together easily, displaying rich creativity and exceptional problem-solving.
  • Your team is more resilient and able to adapt swiftly and effectively to change.
  • The workplace is more dynamic and enthusiastic.
  • Folks feel healthier and more balanced, reporting higher job satisfaction and you see improved staff retention.
  • Overall morale and productivity have soared.
  • The team is so deeply aligned with the organization’s goals that your impact is being noticed by your best donors and supporters, enabling you to make significant, lasting changes in the communities you serve.

Your staff feels more like a cohesive team, working together for a common purpose. They feel like they have finally found where they fit and belong!

This new organic culture has evolved and enhanced the success and impact of the entire organization. You and your team feel refreshed and invigorated, and you look forward to the work and working together every morning—even Monday mornings!

All that positive energy is now helping you make a much bigger impact than ever before – like an ecosystem, where every species supports the balance and health of the whole.

Building cohesive teams doesn’t just happen on its own. Like any relationship, it takes work! 

Just like in our natural environment, balance and interdependence are key to thriving ecosystems. This principle holds true for teams as well. 

If you want to harness the resilience and energy of your team so they can work and support each other more naturally, our approach includes seven elements to help your team feel stronger and able to thrive.

  1. Connect: Build stronger connections among team members, rooting your efforts in a sense of shared purpose and community.
  2. Envision: Ensure each team member is aligned with and committed to a clear, shared vision and strategic goals, fostering a sense of direction that guides their collective efforts.
  3. Promote Safety and Well-being: Foster an environment where honest and open communication, along with physical and mental well-being, is the norm, allowing ideas and concerns to surface and be addressed like nutrients in well-balanced soil.
  4. Embrace Varied Perspectives: Encourage the team to value and integrate diverse, inclusive, and equitable viewpoints, enriching your strategies and solutions and making sure all team members feel valued and have equal opportunities.
  5. Align on Process: Equip your team with streamlined processes, skills, and toolsincluding regular feedback and continuous improvement mechanismsto assure smooth and effective progress toward your goals. 
  6. Proactively Communicate: Develop strong skills in proactive communication and leadership, essential for maintaining a healthy and dynamic team dynamic.
  7. Support Accountability: Cultivate a culture where reliability and shared responsibility are valued, ensuring that your team functions cohesively and effectively.

These seven elements are key to achieving the results and impacts my clients say they want. 

Ready to reimagine your team’s future? See what our clients say…

“After our team more than doubled in size over two years, we needed someone with fresh ideas who could help us build connections and improve communication in a virtual setting. Linda worked closely with the team, facilitated conversations to help us all learn more about each other, and helped us build consensus around how to work better together. She gave everyone time to think of the work they were doing in context of the larger strategic goals. As a neutral facilitator, Linda could also introduce new ideas and guide conversations in ways that the CEO cannot, which also allowed me to be part of the discussion. Linda consistently made herself available to our team even though our demand was high and time was short. She was also incredibly responsive and flexible.

As a result of our time working with Linda, we have a more cohesive and connected team.”

~ Whitney Brimfield, CEO, Spark Point Fundraising


“Linda is exceptional at creating safe spaces and challenging teams to reach their full potential through open communication and reflection. Our training pushed us to examine our strengths and weaknesses, build stronger working relationships, and practice active listening. We came out of the session with solid action items, a renewed sense of energy for our mission and an even greater trust in one another.” 

~ Julie Funk, Director of Development, NAMI Metropolitan Baltimore


If you’re ready to help your team breathe more easily and work together more naturally, I’m here to help. Let’s make teamwork easy and boost your impact on what really matters for your organization. Reach out, and we’ll explore how we can make that happen.

Simply send an email to or use my calendar link if that’s easier!

Let’s re-imagine a new future for your team. 

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