How We Work

In our natural environment, balance and interdependence are key to thriving ecosystems.

This principle holds true for teams as well.


Are you ready to invest time and effort to help your team thrive?


Do you want to harness the resilience and energy of your team?


Ready to help them work and support each other more naturally?

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Harness the resilience and energy of your team by weaving together their skills and strengths to create a stronger, more cohesive, and unified core.

Each year, I work with a handful of clients for at least 6-12 months as a team coach and accountability partner.

I help them identify and make the best use of their strengths and focus on the most important areas where they want to improve.

Linda Howard facilitating a team

We work with you to define a program that would have the most positive impact on your organization’s results and that can be integrated into your daily working environment. Our programs weave in a combination of skill-building, dialogue, and team coaching.

Throughout our time together, we partner with you to strengthen the trust and relationships and build a sense of community among your team members.

Learn more about our Services, including our core Team Development programs, Everything DiSC communications workshops, Meeting Facilitation, and other Workshops and Training.

Why Howard Consulting?  What makes us different?

Our work together is a partnership. We may help you identify and have conversations that not being had for some reason. Sometimes, we facilitate problem-solving and/or action planning. We may also offer advice, make recommendations, or roll up our sleeves and work with you to plan and implement important initiatives.

Sometimes, we bring in other strategic partners to help, especially when you have challenges that require additional skills and resources. If your needs go beyond the capabilities or capacity of our immediate team, we tap into our robust network of trusted colleagues to be sure you have access to the expertise you most need to address your highest priority challenges. Each of our consultants also personally endorses the Institute of Management Consultants Code of Ethics, guaranteeing the strongest commitment to clients, the public, and the consulting and project management professions.

Throughout our work, we continuously reinforce the behaviors and skills that you have learned. We help you integrate them into your daily work so they become natural parts of your culture.

We are flexible, both in how we work together and in choosing the services that best address your challenges.

Above all, OUR mission is helping you achieve YOURS!

Now that you understand what it’s like to work with us, please take a look at the Services we offer to help you meet your organization’s own objectives.

Commitment to High Ethical Standards

Our commitment to confidentiality and high ethical standards is one of our core values.

We ascribe to the Institute of Management Consultants USA Code of Ethics.

IMC USA is the premier professional association and sole certifying body for U.S. management consultants. It sets and enforces professional conduct standards. The IMCUSA CMC® certification represents the highest global standards and ethical canons of the profession. These standards address issues that range from client relationships to the nature of the consulting assignment, qualifications, conflicts of interest, and confidentiality.

Our founder, Linda Howard, is one of only a few people in the country who has been awarded both the Project Management Professional (PMP) and Certified Management Consultant (CMC) certifications. Recognized in 50 countries, fewer than 1% of management consultants ever achieve the CMC mark during their career.

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