Virtual Producer

A Virtual Producer manages the technical delivery of the live session, assisting the facilitator with interaction and moderation. They provide detailed instructions to participants on using available tools, and can troubleshoot technical issues that may arise.

Having a Virtual Producer for your online sessions helps you focus more on the participants and the content and leaves the technical details to us!

When you know you have someone on your team to back you up, you can focus more of your attention on the outcomes your participants expect.


We can:

  • Manage registration for your events
  • Set up and launch your polls
  • Run the screen share so presenters can focus on the participants
  • Set up and manage breakout rooms
  • Paste in your CHAT prompts and discussion questions
  • Monitor chat conversations and Q&A
  • Back up the speaker if they have unexpected internet or power issues
  • Create collaboration templates to gather ideas and document outcomes from sessions
  • And more….


Our preferred platform is Zoom. We can also support Webex, Adobe Connect, and Microsoft Teams.




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