Our brains are wired to respond to rewards.  According to an article in Forbes by Frayda Leibtag, you can improve team culture by encouraging moments of celebration to help team members bond, feel more like they belong, and feel appreciated.

How do you build in moments of celebration?

  • Build moments of celebration into regular team meeting agendas
    • Add 10 minutes to the beginning of your team meetings to celebrate wins. The wins can be small personal wins, team wins, or organizational wins.
    • Start with this question: “Who has a win they want to share or celebrate?”
    • Go around the room and invite people to share something that was a win for them (30 seconds per person).
    • If virtual, invite them to share verbally or put their win in the chat.
  • Brainstorm wins as a group activity
    • Give everyone 2-3 minutes to list as many wins as possible on a sheet of paper.
    • Ask people to choose a particularly important one to share.
    • Start by celebrating wins from the last month, year, quarter, or similar period.
    • Break people into pairs or triads. Ask them to choose one significant win to them and share why they chose it.
    • Return to the main group and ask, “Who heard a story or something everyone else should know about?”
    • Invite sharing.
    • This could take 20-30 minutes and can be very powerful.

As a group, explore how these wins might inspire the team even more during the next month, quarter, or year.

Find at least one action the team can take to make more wins happen.

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