One of the ways I’m fulfilling my “taking action” theme for 2023 is to level up my virtual presence for online workshops both when I’m a participant and when I’m leading workshops. 

This year, I’m focusing on personal (health and well-being) and professional (virtual presence, engagement, and new program) strategies.

It isn’t easy and is even sometimes unbearable. But I’m having fun trying out new strategies!

I hope something I’m trying will inspire you too! 

Out with the Old and In with the New

I knew Apple would consider my vintage iMac obsolete soon, but since it was still working, I wasn’t planning any drastic upgrades. However, I noticed that it seemed to slow down a bit. But I’m also slowing down as I get older, and I still work! So, I certainly don’t consider myself “vintage” yet.  

Ah, well, the more I focused on upgrading my virtual presence online, the slower my iMac became.

I implemented some new software, Ecamm Live, to support some of my new ideas, and the performance of my old computer plummeted. But unwavering in my commitment to level up my virtual presence, I bit the bullet.

Out went the 2015 iMac and in came a new Mac Mini M2, plus all the various accoutrements that also needed to be replaced (new Logitech Brio 4k webcam, new solid-state hard drive, new hub, better lighting, and improved audio).

And lo and behold this computer is humming and supports everything I plan to do! Fun!

New Team Development Options for Remote and Hybrid Teams

The last few years have kept my schedule packed. I’ve supported many non-profits with their virtual conferences, convenings, and other meetings. I’ve helped teams feel more connected and work more collaboratively in remote environments.

Some of my clients have sought to learn more about themselves and their communication styles so they can work more effectively as a team. My go-to tool is DiSC. I love seeing the light bulbs go off during a DiSC Workshop when someone learns new ways to communicate with their peers that can help them collaborate better together.

While some of the teams I work with work in offices, most of my clients work remotely. 

With remote teams, especially, it is essential to have virtual programs that are energizing and engaging. When teams spend a lot of time in online meetings, it is critical for any virtual program I offer to be fun, interactive, and engaging.  And I want it also to have a few small elements of surprise and delight!

Yes you can have ALL of those things when meeting on Zoom! It just takes some creativity.

So stay tuned on this one I’ll be hosting some short beta sessions for a new program offering this summer, and if you’re following my newsletter, you’ll get an invitation!

Gotta Get Moving!

All this work on a computer means I spend too much time at my desk! However, my health and well-being are a priority, so I’ve made a few adjustments in my days.

  • I have a new stand-up desk now, I just need to get used to standing up more while I work!
  • I walk a few miles nearly every day, and when I don’t need to take notes, I take many of them as walk & talk meetings.
  • I’ve also built more deep-work time into my calendar so I can truly focus. 
  • It’s kayaking weather, and I’m ready to break out my new ORU kayak. Having it packed up and in my car means I can easily pop over to the lake for an hour of peaceful reflection on the water.
  • I’ve also scheduled a couple of REAL vacations for myself this year. 

I’m feeling a little healthier already.

Taking Action Is Motivating:

So far, I feel pretty motivated in 2023. I often set these themes for a year… and change nothing. Not this time! 

One little step is motivating me to take another action and another. 

How are YOU doing on your plans and goals this year? What are your motivation strategies? Maybe, I will be inspired by YOU!

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