Who We Work With

We partner with nonprofit leaders who want their organizations to be more effective and stronger.
The nonprofit organizations we work with provide a wide variety of services. Some conduct scientific research for environmental innovation. Some provide shelter for the homeless; others are dedicated to improving the health of individuals and communities around the globe.

Our clients may be very large or quite small; long-established or in start-up mode; well-funded or struggling to keep the lights on.

What they all have in common is a need to be stronger and sustainable, so they can do more. They want to be more effective. They want better ways to plan their programs. They want to squeeze out as many services as they can from limited or dwindling funding.

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Basically, they need more internal capacity than they have today – so they can make the difference they want to make in the world.

We partner with nonprofit leaders who have boundless passion, energy and expertise for their mission, but they want and need the expertise of others to help with business aspects of their nonprofit.

Partial Client List

NonProfit Organizations

  • Kids’ Chance of America
  • Mid-Atlantic Facilitators Network
  • American Academy of Pediatrics
  • Battelle
  • Student Homelessness Initiative Partnership (SHIP) of Frederick County
  • Federated Charities
  • American Diabetes Association
  • National WIC Association
  • Energy Innovation Reform Project
  • American Bird Conservancy
  • NatureServe
  • Recreational Boating and Fishing Foundation
  • Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
  • John Snow, Inc.
  • American Association of State Colleges and Universities

  • Maryland Department of the Environment
  • U.S. Department of the Treasury
  • Internal Revenue Services
  • U.S. Department of State
  • Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services
  • U.S. Office of Personnel Management
  • Commonwealth of Virginia
  • Department of Environmental Services, Arlington County, VA
Colleges & Universities

  • Maryland Institute College of Art
  • University of Toledo
  • University of Miami
  • Bowling Green State University
  • Loyola University


  • The Samuels Group
  • Covin Wilson Associates
  • Better Teams LLC
  • Better Meetings
  • Anthony Management Group
  • Catoctin Consulting, LLC
  • Synergy Forces, LLC
  • PNC Bank
  • LEA Consulting Group, Inc.
  • Incite International, Inc.
  • Primescape Solutions, Inc.
  • CGI Technologies and Solutions, Inc.
  • American Management Systems
  • Verizon
  • RCN Communications
  • eSpire Communications
  • Lightyear Communications

Does this sound like you?

Howard Consulting Does This Sound Like You
  • “We need to work better together! We work in silos – everyone on their own thing; no one knows what others are doing; there is lack of trust – especially between the more experienced folks and the folks who have been here only a few months.”
  • We need to get our priorities in order or we’ll never make the kind of difference we want to make. Our nonprofit started a few years ago and we’ve had traction and have added staff. But our management team isn’t on the same page about our long-term goals and how to get there.”
  • We’re scientists, not business people. It’s not my job to take care of the business; I’m focused on how to do better science.  I thought someone else was handling the business side of things!”
  • “We’re getting a LOT of interest and even funding, but to make the difference I want to make, I need to build an actual organization that is bigger than just me. I don’t know how to do that!”
  • “Our human resources department is being inundated with burned out and stressed out supervisors and managers. We have many projects going on, but we never know until the last minute whether we’ll be finished on time, whether we’ll need to ask for more funding, or if we’re doing what our client actually wants!”
  • “Our organization is not known for doing much planning in advance. We want to help our clients so badly, that when we hear of a need, someone in management decides we need to create a new program quickly.  So… we DO!  And then we find that no one is showing up! We keep creating new services that no one is using.”
Work Better Together

Our Ideal Clients

Clients are most successful working with us if they…

  • Are tired of doing the same things and having the same results.
  • Are ready to do something different to get different and better results.
  • Are ready to take action and make decisions to address their challenges.
  • Are able to be flexible and collaborative so we can partner to determine the best path forward for your organization.
  • Bring a looking-forward attitude to our work together. We work best when we can look ahead and not dwell on the past.

Now that you know the kind of clients we work with, the issues we help them resolve and the types of clients and working relationships that are most successful, learn more about How We Work.

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