Who We Work With

We partner with mid-sized nonprofits facing big changes like rapid growth, high turnover, or major shifts in their organization.

Are you managing multiple priorities while trying to balance the demands of achieving your mission and raising funds?

  • Your needs are large and the resources are never enough.
  • You simply haven’t had the time to focus on anything, or anyone, else.
  • In the midst of all that pressure, the needs of the folks who tirelessly put the mission into action have been overlooked and neglected.

Sound familiar?

Four Team members high fiving with smiles on their faces

Like many nonprofit leaders, maybe you:

  • Are frustrated because staff are missing deadlines and dropping balls
  • Observe friction and flare-ups among team members on a daily basis
  • Feel the pressure of significant growth, change, or turnover
  • See that staff are overworked, and overwhelmed, and the stress is taking its toll
  • Recognize that low morale and productivity are keeping you from reaching your goals

You’re deeply concerned that even more people may leave, and you’re unsure what to do or how to help.

Imagine a future where…


You have reduced or eliminated the pressure and strain.


Your staff feels more like a cohesive team, working together for a common purpose.


They feel like they have finally found where they fit and belong!

Six smiling team members in an outdoor setting

In your redesigned future:


Projects and tasks run smoothly and efficiently.


Team members work together easily, displaying rich creativity and exceptional problem-solving.


Your organization is more resilient and able to adapt swiftly and effectively to change.


Your staff feels healthier and more balanced, reporting higher job satisfaction and you see improved staff retention.


Overall morale and productivity have soared.

A new organic culture is evolving and enhancing the success and impact of the entire organization.

You and your team are feeling refreshed, and invigorated, and looking forward to the work and working together every morning – even Monday mornings!

The team is so deeply aligned with the organization’s goals that your impact is being noticed by your best donors and supporters, enabling you to make significant, lasting changes in the communities you serve.

Our Ideal Clients

We work with mid-sized nonprofit organizations that are facing big changes like rapid growth, high turnover, or major shifts in their organization.

We help them come together, find their stride, and become more effective in working through these transitions.

Organizations Who Have Partnered With Us

NatureServe Logo
American Bird Conservancy Logo
Metropolitan Baltimore National Alliance on Mental Illness Logo
Maryland Information Network Logo
The Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights
American Diabetes Association Logo
Recreational Boating and Fishing Foundation Logo
Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Logo
National Association Community Health Centers
National WIC Association
Institute for Conservation Leadership Logo
Energy Innovation Reform Project Logo
Battelle Logo
JSI Logo

Organizations can be successful working with us if they are:

  • Open to new views and perspectives.
  • Able to take action and make decisions.
  • Ready to do something different and get different and better results.
  • Forward-looking in their attitude to our work together.
  • Flexible and collaborative.

Let’s partner and figure out the best path forward for your organization.

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