Virtual Conference & Event Design

Are you a nonprofit or association leader or meeting planner?

Are you hosting a virtual conference or event with fewer than 500 participants?

Are you looking for someone who can handle many of the technical and logistical details so you can focus on the content, marketing and outcomes?

Using an experienced facilitator can make your conferences and workshops more effective and more successful.

Whether you need a single conference facilitator, session moderators, virtual producers, or a team, we can help. We can provide as many facilitators as you need and are happy to co-facilitate with your staff.

Laptop, tablet, and mobile phone on table, during video conference.
We can support most of your virtual conference needs. We work with you to co-create an agenda and event design flow, help you identify measures of success, incorporate critical community-building / networking elements into your event, prepare and coach your speakers and panelists on how to make their sessions engaging, and produce a detailed Run of Show to support your event.

If your conference design requires the use of prerecorded presentations, digital marketing, graphic designers, strategic communications, sponsorship strategy and coordination, videographers, or graphic recorders, we can bring our trusted partners to you.

We can also help by:

  • Recommending and booking professional speakers, trainers and/or facilitators
  • Coach all presenters on the expected outcomes of the event and cultural norms/issues
  • Set up and run your conference registration process on your chosen platform
  • Serve as the point of contact with all presenters, panelists, facilitators, and moderators
  • Work with your team and your presenters to set up, test and troubleshoot the technical aspects of your event
  • Serve as project manager for your conference or event
  • Set up collaborative tools to capture results from brainstorming and idea-generation sessions
  • Conduct rehearsals with each presenter, panelist, and anyone with a speaking or technical role
  • Editing post-event recordings

We mostly work with nonprofits and associations who are planning virtual conferences or events with up to 500 attendees using Zoom or one of the many platforms that integrates with Zoom.

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