Virtual Conference & Event Design

Are you a nonprofit or association leader or meeting planner who hosts virtual conferences or events with up to 500 participants? Would those events be easier if you had someone on your team to handle the technical and logistical details so you can focus on the content, participants and outcomes?

Working with an experienced facilitator can make your conferences and workshops less stressful, more successful and more effective. Whether you need a single facilitator, conference session moderators, or virtual producers, we can help.

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We work with you to develop an agenda and event design flow that helps you build community among your attendees.  People attend conferences to see their friends and build new relationships. With virtual conferences, they miss that feeling of spontaneously “bumping into each other” in the lobby. Providing fun ways to network virtually can add to the success of your event. Yes, you CAN create unexpected networking opportunities in virtual conferences!

Event attendees want an “experience” when they attend a conference. It is the anticipation of the “experience” that will get them to actually register AND show up. Selecting engaging presenters and panelists is one important component. Equally important is how you prepare and communicate with the speakers in advance of your event. Your speakers should be excited to share their message with your audience. You want them to share your event and spread the word that they will be speaking there. Working closely with your speakers, in advance of their sessions, can be a key factor in how well your speakers relate to your attendees.

Sometimes, your conference design might benefit from using a few prerecorded presentations or video/digital marketing support. Our trusted partners include graphic designers, videographers, web designers, and communication strategists. During your event, our graphic recording partners can help you make meaning of the content and give you some very interesting and thought-provoking artifacts to share with event attendees and/or over social media. 

Finally, we can help you identify the most appropriate measures of success, prepare the detailed Run of Show, and manage logistics.

We would be excited to help you pull a team together in support of your event.

We also offer the following related services:

  • Recommend and book professional speakers, trainers and/or facilitators
  • Serve as the point of contact with all presenters, panelists, facilitators, and moderators
  • Set up and run the conference registration process on your chosen platform
  • Be a project manager for your conference or event
  • Work with your team and your presenters to set up and test the technical aspects of your event
  • Prepare collaborative tools to capture results from brainstorming and idea-generation sessions
  • Coach all presenters on the expected outcomes of the event and cultural norms/issues
  • Conduct rehearsals with each presenter, panelist, and anyone with a speaking or technical role
  • Edit post-event recordings

Our preferred platform is Zoom or one of the many platforms that integrates with Zoom.

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