Team Development

Something magical happens when team members feel connected and can collaborate seamlessly.

They channel their energy into creating lasting, meaningful change!

Team of 7 people working on a post-it note activity

When we begin working with a team, it is important to understand their core strengths and work with them to identify potential areas for improvement and focus.

Elements of a Strong and Thriving Team

7 Core Elements That Drive Our Approach

1. Build Strong Connections

Strengthen your connections among team members by rooting your efforts in a sense of shared purpose and community.

2. Establish a Shared Vision

Ensure each team member is aligned with and committed to a clear, shared vision and strategic goals, fostering a sense of direction that guides your collective efforts.

3. Promote Safety and Wellbeing

Foster an environment where honest and open communication, along with physical and mental well-being, is the norm, allowing ideas and concerns to surface and be addressed like nutrients in well-balanced soil.

4. Communicate Proactively

Develop strong skills in proactive communication and leadership, essential for maintaining a healthy and dynamic team dynamic.

5. Embrace Varied Perspectives

Encourage the team to value and integrate diverse, inclusive, and equitable viewpoints, enriching your strategies and solutions and making sure all team members feel valued and have equal opportunities.

6. Align on Process

Equip your team with streamlined processes, skills, and tools, including regular feedback and continuous improvement mechanisms, to assure smooth and effective progress toward your goals.

7. Support Accountability

Cultivate a culture where reliability and shared responsibility are valued, ensuring that your team functions cohesively and effectively.

3 Main Models Support The Foundation Of Our Approach

The Better Teams Model

Better Teams Model

DiSC Personality Model

Everything DiSC Workplace Model

The Five Behaviors Model

5 Behaviors of a Cohesive Team

We first conduct an assessment of the team to provide feedback on what is working well and insight into areas for improvement.

We partner with you to define a program that incorporates skill development, helps you build stronger relationships, and increases trust.

We also work with you throughout our time together to build a sense of community among your team members.

We collaborate, as a team, to identify the areas that would make the most positive impact on your organization’s results.

Let’s make teamwork easy and boost your impact on what really matters.

Reach out, and we’ll explore how we can make that happen.

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